Bondronat 50mg Tablets

Bondronat 50mg Tablets

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Bondronat 50mg Tablets is a medicine which is used in bone metastases in people with cancer and treating high calcium levels in people with cancer. Bondronat contains ibandronic sodium monohydrate. Bondronat 50mg Tablets is supplied by Roche Products Limited.The information in this Medicine Guide for Bondronat varies according to the condition being treated and the particular preparation used.
Some medicines have specific instructions about how to take them. This is because they work better when taken correctly. These instructions can include getting the right dose and special instructions for preparing the medicine.
• detailed advice on how to take Bondronatcan be found in the Patient InformationLeaflet that comes with this medicine
• swallow the tablet whole with a full glass oftap water. You must not take it with mineral water or any other drink
• take your medicine in its original form. You must not chew or suck the tablet
• you must make sure that you are in an upright position or standing when you take your tablet. Do not lie down for at least one hour after taking Bondronat If you are having problems taking this medicine, you should talk to your prescribe or pharmacist. Theymay be able to give you advice on other ways to take your medicine or other medicines that are easier for you to take.